If you want to contact me outside this blog for some reason you can find me on Twitter – @believersbrain

Or you can email me via this form:


  1. Joan9n) Barton says:

    Hi: I thought that I had purged my name & address from the message that I just sent. Since I did not, if I did not, I do not habitually respond to emails from strangers. Since I did leave my address I will answer your emails if you call yourself a friend of Emma in your subject.

    I have 2 favorite scriptures that I live by & they carry me a long way.

    “Don’t worry about anything;instead, pray about everything; tell God your needs & don’t forget to thank Him for His answers. Phil. 4,6 Paraphrased Edition. Concentrate on the meaning of that. You are promised answers to give thanks for & I am getting those.

    Another one, you’ll have to search the specific scripture, but Jesus says that “whatever you ask of the Father in my Name, believing, you shall receive.”

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