Creativity and Mental Health

It has long been thought that there is a correlation between mental ill-health and creativity. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the idea of the “mad artist” or “tortured genius” where the person’s “madness” is the supposed fuel for their genius. I am no scientist, so I don’t know how whether people in creative professions […]

8 Ways You Can Help When Someone is Mentally Ill

Perhaps your friend, relative or someone else you know is having an episode of mental illness. Mental illness affects 1 in 4 people in the course of a year. Chances are that you know someone who is, or has been mentally ill. So what do you do when you find out? Firstly, it is really, […]

8 Steps to a Mental Health Friendly Church

These are things I would like to see in churches, things that would help me and, I think, others who are experiencing mental health difficulties. I will also point you to the excellent Mind and Soul listing of mental health friendly churches which has their draft ideas for what churches can do, and also the list […]

“It’s Ok, You Can’t Help It”

Remembering a comment my mother made some time ago when I was depressed has made me think a little. She said, “We didn’t know whether you were ill, or just being unpleasant.” It led me to question how much responsibility I really bear for my behaviour when I am ill. It is true that my […]

On the Road to Emmaus

(Luke 24:13-35) The story of what happened to the disciples Cleopas and an unnamed other on the road to Emmaus in Luke’s Gospel is quite a famous one. The scene is just after the crucifixion – Jesus has, apparently, died. His followers are bereft, and they don’t know what to do. Verse 17 says they […]

I won an award

Just a quick note to say that I have won the Christian New Media Awards’ “Best Newcomer Blog.” (Here is the shortlist. EDIT: That link now takes you to the winners/runnersup/finalist list) I wasn’t able to make it to London for the ceremony, unfortunately (I live faaar away) I’m really pleased, I haven’t won anything […]

Is it a Sin to Take Medication?

Some people, if you say that you are suffering from a mental illness, will tell you not to take medication. Some say that the drugs will make you worse, that you will be addicted, that you should be able to “man up” and deal with whatever you are experiencing. Some Christians who believe this will […]

Count Your Blessings

There is a hymn I’ve often heard, on the familiar theme of being thankful for what you have: Are you ever burdened with a load of care? Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear? Count your many blessings, every doubt will fly, And you will keep singing as the days go by. […]

Scrupulosity – Religious OCD

You may also wish to read my latest blog post on scrupulosity, which goes into more detail – Scrupulosity: Doubt, Obsession and Compulsion. Mental illness often manifests in ways which destroy things we previously enjoyed. Talking with friends becomes difficult in depression, enjoying a night out almost impossible. Our spiritual life suffers as well, as […]

Review: God’s Will for Your Healing

  “God’s Will for Your Healing” Gloria Copeland (Fort Worth: Kenneth Copeland Publications, 1972) I have to say that this is not my sort of book at all. Gloria Copeland, and her husband Kenneth, are prosperity gospel teachers. That is to say, they are charismatics who believe that God wants all believers to be healthy […]