Guide 2 Self Injury

What is self injury? What does the Bible say about it? Can I recover? This series covers everything I know and everything I want to say about self injury, because I’ve been there.

What is Self Injury?
Why do People Self Injure?
My Story
Christian Views
Cutting and Marking in the Bible
The Gerasene Demoniac (Mark 5)
Self Injury & Body Modification
For Loved Ones
First Aid Links
Camouflage & Scar Reduction Links
Christian Books on Self Injury
General Books on Self Injury
Christian Links
General Links

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  1. so…another exposition…another explanation…How about when Paul says that, even though one knows they are FREE, if they cause someone to stumble, it is sin?

    How about you stop excusing your position and think for a minute about the people who love you who have to endure your self-mutilation quietly so they can “understand” you?

    Can you apply a salve to their wounds like you do your own or is “mental illness” now a euphemism for “understand me!”?

    Before you spend a week explaining yourself, try giving a break to those around you instead of assuming that YOU are the only actor in this play who needs attention..of that your need is elevated above all others so as to justify why hurting those around you is ok.

    • I am well aware that others are hurt when I hurt myself. That others suffer too. The trouble is that when I am in the state of mind that causes me to harm myself, I am not particularly rational, I can think of little else and it is very hard to resist the urges. Part of the reason why I think self injury is a sin is because it harms others, and I do not demand that others sit and understand me. I am aware your wife self harms, but I am not excusing self injury, I am not glorifying it – my series is meant to attempt a way out of it.

  2. Self mutilation is NOT always, in and of itself, as sin. The sin is in presuming that you are entitled to it and everyone else needs to bend to understand you.

    • The sin lies in hurting others – is it loving God, or loving others that we self harm? Do we honour God by doing it? That is why it is sin.
      I have not claimed others have to understand me – I am forcing no one to read this. Anger is a perfectly justifiable response to a loved one self harming – I don’t think it is particularly useful to the person who is harming themselves, but it is an understandable reaction.
      I have no remedy to suggest to your own situation, but I would say that you need someone to talk to about all this, someone who isn’t a faceless presence on the internet.

  3. I nominated you for an “award” as you write one of my favorite blogs.
    Don’t feel the need to “follow the rules” or link back to my blog! I by no means will be offended if you don’t. I just really appreciated it when I got the encouragement someone liked my blog and wanted to make sure you knew I appreciate and read yours!


  1. […] can read the About section for yourself and there’s also an entire section of self-harm. Believer’s Brain has been going since March and I will most certainly keep an eye on it. The […]

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