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Links by Clips (Photo credit: RambergMediaImages)

I have found it hard to find specifically Christian websites or articles about self injury. However I have found a few resources for you.

Please note that I do not necessarily endorse anything on these websites. Please be aware that websites may be triggering.

The Lysamena Project on Self Injury: Christian site with information about self injury and recovery. This is one of the very few sites which concentrate on self injury from a Christian perspective.

To Write Love on her Arms: A movement to give hope to teenagers/young people who suffer with depression, self injury, and suicidal thoughts.

Help for Cutters from the Christian Answers Network. This is a short piece about self injury with links and recommended books at the bottom.

Christian Students Mental Health a fairly long page on self injury and a Christian response to it.

The Razor’s Edge from Today’s Christian Woman.

Youth Work Resource contains a ready-to-use plan for a session about self injury

Sun and Shield a examination of the Biblical passages about cutting which concludes that it is demonic in nature

Self Harm: Roots, Reasons and Response from Mind & Soul.info, which is an offshoot of Premier Radio in the UK.

Self-Harm.co.uk is a Christian-based resource on self injury for young people, their friends and family.

If you know of any more good Christian websites about self injury, please leave a comment or email believersbrain[at]yahoo.co.uk.


  1. Thanks for the link to Youth Work Resource. It might also be worth including http://selfharm.co.uk – They’re UK based and do lots of stuff to do with self harm too and are a Christian group!

    • Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the link – I only realised recently that selfharm.co.uk were a Christian group (read it on the back of a book I own). I’ll add them to the post.


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