Self Injury and Such

I self harmed for quite a number of years, and have some scars to show for it. I haven’t self injured for 6 months/year now (I have forgotten, and it is wonderful that it has been so absent from my life that I have been able to forget!) It was a big part of my […]

Future Promises

I have always been a bit wary of talking about the second coming, the end times, however you wish to describe it. This is for several reasons, one being that so many people end up with conspiracy theories, seeing the beast under every rock, that I end up thinking that we sound completely mad! I […]

Not Good Enough

I have this…worm in my head, this thought that will not go away, a little voice that constantly says “you are not good enough.” Not good enough…compared to other people, compared to friends, people on TV, other bloggers, random people in the street. That in comparison to them I am stupid (this one is a […]

‘Tis Hard, When We Are Sick and Poor

‘Tis Hard, When We Are Sick and Poor And they who lov’d us, love no more; When riches, health, and friends are gone, To say, “O Lord, thy will be done:” Yet Lord, I would to thee resign And say, “My Father’s will be mine.” ‘Tis is hard, when in our souls distress, All, all […]

Wasting Time

In the UK there is an offence of “wasting police time” when we do things that cause an unnecessary police response, wasting man-hours and their attention. Wasting time, whether our own or someone else’s seems generally to be considered, if not a sin, then something wrong. Mental illness steals our time and leaves little to […]

Putting the Patience in Patient

Being mentally ill requires a lot of patience. You have to be patient with your own mind, in the hope that it will eventually get better, and you have to be patient with those trying to treat you. Patience is one of the seven heavenly virtues and important to the Christian faith. When we are ill, […]

Hymn Above All Hymns

There is one hymn that moves me like no other, one that speaks deeply to me whether I am well or ill, and which provides great comfort to me. That hymn is “Abide With Me” by H F Lyte (1793 – 1847). I love both the words and the music, and I hope you will […]


I’m back! It has been a very busy but very enjoyable week. I was looking after a group of Russians performing at a music festival over a week, making sure they didn’t have problems, arrived on time etc. I am absolutely knackered now – we started at 8am and went on until midnight! We had […]

Short Hiatus

Just to note that I won’t be able to update the blog for around a week, maybe a little more. I am helping with a folk festival in my town, looking after one of the acts. I’m going to be with them all day every day from 8am to whenever they want to go to […]