Short Hiatus

Just to note that I won’t be able to update the blog for around a week, maybe a little more. I am helping with a folk festival in my town, looking after one of the acts. I’m going to be with them all day every day from 8am to whenever they want to go to bed! (Well I am hoping they will not need me there every minute – they have been to the festival before and know people, so I imagine they will be going to their houses and whatnot some evenings)

I’ve not done anything like this before but it sounds quite interesting – making sure everything goes as it should. Thankfully the committee, knowing this is the first time I have done this, have given me a group of just four who have been many times before so they should know more than me! And I have a variety of people’s mobiles so I can contact them if something goes wrong.

So here’s hoping it will be a nice week, and that I don’t get stressed! See you in the near future.

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