I’m back!

It has been a very busy but very enjoyable week. I was looking after a group of Russians performing at a music festival over a week, making sure they didn’t have problems, arrived on time etc. I am absolutely knackered now – we started at 8am and went on until midnight! We had breakfast together, a packed lunch, a cooked dinner (which I normally didn’t go for, but had a little break at home) and wound up having drinks in the evening at a social club.

I heard some great folk music from all around the world, met some new people and have got to know some local people much better – which is excellent because I have not met that many people in the area due to not working. All of a sudden I had folk to talk to all day and stuff to do – I had forgotten how much fun working can be!

We also had a wonderful Christian praise band from India with us – they stuck out a bit because they were singing contemporary Christian music rather than folk, but they were absolutely wonderful. Really nice, friendly people who everyone liked – even the pagans from Lithuania! Their music was wonderful and their faith blazing – they really built us all up. Today they performed in my church (the other acts went home this morning) and we all had lunch at someone’s house. They had a few people in tears at the Lord’s goodness in the church, such was the power of their words and their faith. In fact it made me wish that we – and I – were so fervent, so deep in our faith that singing about Jesus’ sacrifice could bring us to public tears.

So, onwards to next week. I have a very boring week – tomorrow a nurse is coming to show me how to inject medication (boo) and after that I am not doing anything. I think I shall be a bit flat, after all that stimulation. I have really enjoyed myself and feel really boosted, so the festival has really been a blessing to me. I hope to write a considered blog post on the mental health/faith theme, which is the overriding theme of this blog, soon. Just checking in to show that I am still active!


  1. Welcome back! It sounds as though you’ve had an amazing time. 🙂

    • It was great, I shall definitely be doing it next year!
      I started my new job today as well! Just got to sort out with the Jobcentre that it is “permitted work”

      • Fantastic! Are you excited? I hope everything’s straightforward with the Jobcentre.

      • Seems to be straightforward so far – they are sending me a form in the post. Everything is going well so far – just doing the induction stuff so I’m looking forward to getting onto the real job! Things are going well, really, I’m due to move house (with parents) in about a month, my new medication for diabetes has been dramatically lowering my blood sugar over the past few days (at this rate, 2-3 days before I hit non-diabetic levels) so, life is good!

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