Reasons Not To Hurt Yourself

I’m reposting this from Cheryl Rainfield’s blog, I encourage you to check it out! Reasons Not To Hurt Yourself by Cheryl Rainfield, 2011 Because you do not deserve to be hurt, not by anyone, not even yourself; Because you deserve the same compassion, kindness, and love that everyone else does, and that you would give […]

Self Injury and Such

I self harmed for quite a number of years, and have some scars to show for it. I haven’t self injured for 6 months/year now (I have forgotten, and it is wonderful that it has been so absent from my life that I have been able to forget!) It was a big part of my […]

Self-Injury: Sinful?

I first self injured when I was 14. It became a bigger part of my life when I went through an acute episode of bipolar disorder (mostly characterised by depression) when I was 21/22, and I became a Christian at 22. Since then I have occasionally self harmed – though not with the same intensity […]