Is it a Sin to Take Medication?

Some people, if you say that you are suffering from a mental illness, will tell you not to take medication. Some say that the drugs will make you worse, that you will be addicted, that you should be able to “man up” and deal with whatever you are experiencing. Some Christians who believe this will […]

Things Not To Say To A Depressed Person 2

“Pull Yourself Together“ Some people assume that depression is a state we can fall into when not paying attention. A natural, but lazy response to modern life. They assume that if we wished to, we could stop feeling depressed, by pulling ourselves together – by forcing ourselves out of a depression and into the required normal/happy mood […]

Can God Heal?

Rather late-night post here but I saw an article in the Daily Mail that I couldn’t ignore! My hand was healed by God says Tory MP after advertising watchdog condemns leaflets claiming religion can cure Read more: Daily Mail Article This is the news that Gary Streeter, a Conservative MP has spoken out after the Advertising […]