Self Injury: Attention Seeking?

Self injury is not the hidden condition it once was. The sterling efforts of doctors, academics and patients have led to a widespread understanding of self injury as a means by which some people cope with their emotions, or trauma. At present it is a recognised symptom of borderline personality disorder (emotionally unstable personality disorder) […]

My ESA Story Pt 2 – The Conclusion

I wrote yesterday about the saga of my ESA appeal. Today I had my appeal hearing. My appeal was at 10am, which I was quite grateful for as it left me less time to worry about it. I was still quite anxious, although not as bad as the previous time (where I attended but they […]

My ESA Story

Tomorrow I shall be at court, having my appeal heard against the decision not to award me ESA. ESA, for those who do not know, is Employment & Support Allowance, and is a benefit given to those deemed too sick to work. I have bipolar disorder, and for the past ten years that I have […]

Things Not To Say To A Depressed Person 2

“Pull Yourself Together“ Some people assume that depression is a state we can fall into when not paying attention. A natural, but lazy response to modern life. They assume that if we wished to, we could stop feeling depressed, by pulling ourselves together – by forcing ourselves out of a depression and into the required normal/happy mood […]