A Prayer When Depressed

This is in the nature of an experiment. I have never written a prayer before, and I don’t claim to be very good at it. I have read some lovely prayers, and I sometimes get people searching for prayers for the mentally ill, so I thought I would try to write some. It may not […]

Words Matter

As Cher sang, “words are like weapons, they wound sometimes.” [1] We can hurt or help with our words, as well as our actions. All of us have been in situations where, in the heat of the moment, we have said things we do not mean, things calculated to wound, to harm the person we […]

Insects called the Human Race

And crawling on the planet’s face Some insects called the human race Lost in time, and lost in space And meaning –“Super Heroes” in The Rocky Horror Picture Show [1] I remember, as a child, looking up at the stars and thinking how very small and insignificant we on earth are compared to the vastness of […]

Drinking Alcohol

The Christian world – or at least those parts of it I have come into contact with – has a funny view of alcohol. It ranges from those who do not drink at all and consider it a sin to drink alcohol, to those who say to have very little alcohol, to those who say […]

I Can’t Help You

I want to help you in your time of trouble. I really do. My heart burns for people suffering, for all suffering, for myself in times of illness. I long to answer the question “Why?” I wish I knew the words that would make everything all right, that would explain why we suffer for no […]

Review: Religion and Suicide

This is a review of the research paper “Religion and Suicide: An exploratory study of the role of the Church in deaths by suicide in Highland, Scotland” by Harriet Mowat, Cameron Stark, John Swinton and Donald Mowat (2006). I haven’t been able to locate a copy online, although the University of Aberdeen has a summary […]

Labels and Identity

Sometimes it is tempting to label myself, to claim the title “bipolar”, “anxious”, “depressive” and “self harmer” as being me. I went without declared diagnosis for some time, and I remember being keen to know what was wrong with me, to understand – to have some anchor point that I could read about. I was […]

#Headroom conference

Note: I may have got some of the details wrong about speeches – I was transcribing on the day so if you think something sounds weird, it’ll be me not them! These are my recollections, any mistakes mine!  Well, I’m back from my trip up to Edinburgh. I went to attend the Premier Mind and […]

Creativity and Mental Health

It has long been thought that there is a correlation between mental ill-health and creativity. I’m sure everyone is familiar with the idea of the “mad artist” or “tortured genius” where the person’s “madness” is the supposed fuel for their genius. I am no scientist, so I don’t know how whether people in creative professions […]

8 Ways You Can Help When Someone is Mentally Ill

Perhaps your friend, relative or someone else you know is having an episode of mental illness. Mental illness affects 1 in 4 people in the course of a year. Chances are that you know someone who is, or has been mentally ill. So what do you do when you find out? Firstly, it is really, […]