Prayers from Time to Change

prayerAs I mentioned in another post, I recently came across some worship ideas from Time to Change (pdf). I really recommend looking through this resource as it contains prayers, readings, a suggested sermon and so on. I am being a little bit naughty here, as I’m going to reproduce some of the prayers they have in this post.

O God,
who has so faithfully cared for me in the past,
and so often seen me through to safety:
Grant me that in moments of depression,
desolation, failure and despair,
I may look back in gratitude,
and refreshed by the remembrance of past grace
turn again to the future in renewed trust
and unfailing hope
resting upon Jesus Christ,
my beloved Saviour.
(George Appleton One Man’s Prayers London: SPCK)

Have pity, good God
On those who cannot live with themselves
Because their past looms too large
Or their relationship is a mistake
Or their work is a compromise
Or because
No one has said ‘You are good to be with’;
No one has said ‘Come and visit me’;
No one has said ‘I love you’
And in all of us
Eradicate the long miles
Between what we are and what we should be
Until, like Jesus
Our performance lives up
To our potential
(Panel on Worship of the Church of Scotland Pray Now Edinburgh: St Andrew’s
3Press, 1999)

Lord, look upon us with the eyes of your mercy.
May your healing hand rest upon us;
may your life-giving power
flow into every cell of our bodies
and into the depths of our souls,
cleansing, purifying,
restoring us to wholeness and strength
for service in your Kingdom.
(Author unknown in Hear Our Prayer: An Anthology for Collective Worship Bury St
Edmunds: Kevin Mayhew, 1996)

Lord Jesus Christ, who for love of our souls entered the deep darkness of the cross:
we pray that your love may surround all who are in the darkness of great mental
distress and who find it difficult to pray for themselves. May they know that darkness
and light are both alike to you and that you have promised never to fail them or
forsake them. We ask it for your name’s sake.
(Cumings L. in Frank Colquoun (ed)
Contemporary Parish Prayers London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1975 no.443, p.161)

Lord, hear our voices when we cry to you! Our hearts say:
we have longed, earnestly have we longed,
to gaze upon your face.
Do not turn your face away from us.
Look tenderly upon your servants and, in your love,
teach us to be free.
(Carmelite Monastery, Quidenham in Hear Our Prayer: An Anthology for Collective
Worship Bury St Edmunds: Kevin Mayhew, 1996)

As well as these prayers (and some responsive ones as well) they also offer readings both Scriptural and non-Scriptural and lots of ideas and suggestions. If you pastor a church, or run a small group, or similar, you may well find these helpful.

Worship on the Theme of Mental Health: A Guide for the Church is produced by The Church of England’s mental health group and Revd Eva McIntyre with Time to Change.


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