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Hi there. On this page I would like to direct your attention to specific articles and so on I have read online (for free) that I feel are particularly interesting to those of us who are both Christian and suffer from mental ill-health.

Bible Studies

Elijah – 1 Kings 19

Prophet on the Run by Dr Ray Pritchard. This study is taken from a couple of sermons of Dr Pritchard’s and is hosted at Comfort Cafe. It is a study on Elijah, in 1 Kings 19. He talks about what the passage tells us about treating depression, about resting and nourishment, about avoiding self-pity and finding God even where we least expect him to be. It is written in an engaging, accessible style and runs to a few screens long. I would happily recommend this.

Elijah’s Depression by Rev. James Clark. This is a sermon (text) in two parts, the first describing depression as evidenced in Elijah, and the second showing how God ministers to those who are depressed. This is written in a more formal style than the first, and focusses on the irrationality of depression and the thoughts that we get when we’re depressed, and states several times that we should never tell someone to “snap out of it” but that we should listen, and listen again to those in need.


David’s Life in the Minor Key by John Barnett. This sermon (available in audio and text) covers the depressions of a number of people in the Old and New Testaments (which is why I have included it in “general”) and focusses on David’s words in the Psalms.

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