Testifying…with a mental illness?

I love reading true stories, and I love reading testimonies, either online or in print. It is wonderful to read stories of people leading difficult, dangerous and sinful lives and meeting Christ, and to hear of their transformation. I like stories of people involved with drugs, crime, the occult, and I like stories where at […]

The Power of a Good Story

We have all seen them, the stories of those who have suffered and won. Disabled people face two “stories” about themselves – the disabled person as scrounger, as the faker who is in it for the benefits and not really disabled/ill (which has become increasingly the story of choice for the government/media) and the disabled […]

God in Crisis

The first time I went through a mental health crisis I was not a Christian. I had played with the idea before, sometimes styling myself as a Christian on the internet, but it was not very serious, I’m afraid. I had too many hang-ups, largely concerned with fundamentalist Christianity, for me to take Christ seriously. […]