Peace, be still

I am frequently not at peace. Anxiety twists and torments me, makes me run through my head over and over the same worries and fears. Anxiety makes me fear, and fear turns to depression in me. My soul is troubled by many horrible thoughts, by destructive thoughts, by the haunting idea that I am not […]

Healing Services

I have just returned tonight from a healing service held at my local church. It used Common Worship‘s laying on of hands and anointing service. You can read the service on the Church of England website. The website also includes an interesting theological note about healing which is well worth reading, and which includes this […]

Do Not Worry

In my life, I fight a constant tendency toward anxiety. I worry about things both rational and irrational, and sometimes those worries twist in me and produce nasty depressions. I have been searching my books for biblical examples of anxiety, and I found an interesting sermon outline in “Sermon Outlines on the Sermon on the […]