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Tony Campolo: Author and speaker on political ...

Tony Campolo: Author and speaker on political and religious topics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi there, I’m back again after a trip to Edinburgh. I’m a bit tired today, so I’m afraid a few links is all you’re getting! These are some links specifically on Christian faith and mental health that I have found helpful.

Is Taking Medication a Sin? This article explains how the author moved from a negative position on medication, to a more medically-orientated one. She talks about stigma in the church and how people accept others taking physical medication, for diabetes etc, but can condemn those who take medication for depression or other psychiatric diagnoses. I found this well-written and interesting.

Christians: Take Depression Seriously This article is by the popular evangelical author Tony Campolo and hosted at Beliefnet. A thoroughly sensible article, it explains that depression can have physical causes such as poor diet, exhaustion etc, acknowledges that there can be a spiritual dimension (guilt) to some people’s depression and recommends counselling as a means to overcome. He does mention medication, briefly, but concentrates on counselling. Good article from a respected author.

I was going to include this page as it is very clear on depression being a bona fide illness, and is written for Christians, but they lost me when they recommended eating raw food and taking herbs as a substitute for medication.

Hope those couple are interesting, normal service will be resumed this week coming!


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