Some Helpful Links

Hi there, I’m back again after a trip to Edinburgh. I’m a bit tired today, so I’m afraid a few links is all you’re getting! These are some links specifically on Christian faith and mental health that I have found helpful. Is Taking Medication a Sin? This article explains how the author moved from a negative […]

G2SI: What is Self Injury?

Self injury (SI) is described as “an act which involves deliberately inflicting pain and/or injury to one’s own body, but without suicidal intent.” [1] Another definition, from the Christian psychologist Dr Kate Middleton states that self injury is: “acting to deliberately injure yourself physically in an attempt to cope with, express or reduce intense or […]

G2SI: Introduction

Self injury is a serious, and relatively common problem. Women and men, children, teenagers and adults self injure, and it can happen to anyone, from any race, background or culture. A study suggested that between 4.6% and 6.6% of the UK population had self injured although this may be an under-reporting as another study showed […]

“You Have a Spiritual Problem”

There is a great deal of rather ignorant talk from some Christians about mental illness. I think everyone has at least heard of, if not actually experienced, Christians who believe that mental ill-health is a spiritual problem rather than a medical one. Such people believe that a Christian must be in emotional good health, and […]