The World of Mentalists Awards


Well, I have some more good news to share. The excellent blog, The World of Mentalists has awarded me Best New Blog jointly with The Maniac’s Path. Many thanks to the blog and to the lovely people who nominated me for the award. Do check out the blog as there are many other categories and much excellent reading material there!

In other news, my thanks to the Christian New Media Awards who, besides sending me a nice award thingy and a certificate when I won Best Newcomer Blog, have also sent me an iPod Nano! I’m very fond of music, so this is a real treat!

And, of course, thanks to everyone who reads the blog. Remember that if you have any suggestions for things you would like me to cover, you are most welcome to tell me. I am not qualified to talk about every mental health subject but I can certainly do my best with some topics! I have also just found some excellent sermon starters on mental health (pdf) which I plan on working into a few posts soon!

Onwards and upwards…


  1. Congratulations Emma 🙂 Very well deserved!

    You’ll be getting a shiny thing from us when the rest of the results come out on New Year’s Day…I’m keeping it under wraps until then 😉

    Well done again 🙂

    Best wishes

    Pan (Co-Editor, The World of Mentalists)

  2. a big congrats!!


  1. […] I won the Best Newcomer Blog award at the Christian New Media Awards in October – of which I have written elsewhere but it still makes me smile to see the award on my windowsill or listen to the iPod I won! I have also won an award at The World of Mentalists Awards. […]

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