Bumpiness on the Road of Mental Health

It has been a long time, far too long, since I last posted here. My last post was on July 22nd, and it is now 4th November. At one point I updated this site with new content every two days, and then that gradually became once a week, and then nothing at all. A large […]

The Obligatory New Year Post

We are nearly into 2013 now, so I thought I’d do one last post of 2012. Overall, I’ve had a pretty good year, and I thought I’d run through my ups and downs: Positive I have been mostly well this year, bar two dips (one around the time of my ESA tribunal, and another when […]

The World of Mentalists Awards

Well, I have some more good news to share. The excellent blog, The World of Mentalists has awarded me Best New Blog jointly with The Maniac’s Path. Many thanks to the blog and to the lovely people who nominated me for the award. Do check out the blog as there are many other categories and much […]