Reasons Not To Hurt Yourself

I’m reposting this from Cheryl Rainfield’s blog, I encourage you to check it out! Reasons Not To Hurt Yourself by Cheryl Rainfield, 2011 Because you do not deserve to be hurt, not by anyone, not even yourself; Because you deserve the same compassion, kindness, and love that everyone else does, and that you would give […]

Review: The Cutting Edge

This post is a review of “The Cutting Edge: Clinging to God in the Face of Self-harm” by Jess Wilson (Milton Keynes: Authentic Media, 2008) This 73-page book is, as the title suggests, a specifically Christian book about self injury. The author, Jess Wilson, is a former self injurer herself, and the book relates her […]

Self Injury and Such

I self harmed for quite a number of years, and have some scars to show for it. I haven’t self injured for 6 months/year now (I have forgotten, and it is wonderful that it has been so absent from my life that I have been able to forget!) It was a big part of my […]

Not Good Enough

I have this…worm in my head, this thought that will not go away, a little voice that constantly says “you are not good enough.” Not good enough…compared to other people, compared to friends, people on TV, other bloggers, random people in the street. That in comparison to them I am stupid (this one is a […]

Self-Injury: Sinful?

I first self injured when I was 14. It became a bigger part of my life when I went through an acute episode of bipolar disorder (mostly characterised by depression) when I was 21/22, and I became a Christian at 22. Since then I have occasionally self harmed – though not with the same intensity […]

Self Injury: Attention Seeking?

Self injury is not the hidden condition it once was. The sterling efforts of doctors, academics and patients have led to a widespread understanding of self injury as a means by which some people cope with their emotions, or trauma. At present it is a recognised symptom of borderline personality disorder (emotionally unstable personality disorder) […]

The Gerasene Demoniac (Mark 5:1-20)

There are not many accounts in the Bible of people self-harming and this story, in Mark 5:1-20 of a possessed man living in the tombs, whose encounter with Christ led to a complete change in his life, has always caught my attention. I would like to tackle this a couple of ways. Firstly I would […]

Jesus of the Scars

This is a poem by Edward Shillito (1872-1948) which, as a recovering self-injurer, has special meaning to me: Jesus of the Scars If we have never sought, we seek Thee now; Thine eyes burn through the dark, our only stars; We must have sight of thorn-pricks on Thy brow; We must have Thee, O Jesus […]

‘Coming Out’ as Mentally Ill?

Right, so here goes with the “not just article-y type stuff”! I’ve had a great day today. Firstly, I met a lady who is going to help me get some work experience in chaplaincy, we had a nice conversation and she seemed to like me, which is always good. She also mentioned possibly getting me […]

Cats as Therapy

  I have always had pets. I started with a goldfish, moved on to a hamster, and now have a cat called Fluffy. Fluffy has been with us for around seven years now, and is, in my completely biased opinion, the best cat ever. She is very affectionate, loves being stroked and cuddled, and spends […]